Household appliances reaching the end of their usability can be a great source of scrap metal. You can clean, sort, and transport these items to get the best value from these materials and have a decent scrapping experience. The right equipment can make your scrapping easier and more manageable which is why you need tools that can help you separate different materials. But what are the tools that you need to have at your disposal to recycle scrap metal in Sydney


Arguably, a magnet is the most important metal scrapping tool one should keep in their arsenal. The magnet does not need to be powerful; even a simple refrigerator magnet will do the trick. The use of magnets makes it very easy and very quick to sort the two types of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. Simply touch the metal with the magnet and if it sticks, your metal is ferrous, otherwise, non-ferrous. Before you start working on your scrap, it is always good to know what types of metals you have. You would want to separate ferrous metals from non-ferrous ones, since ferrous is metals earn you more cash, hence, separating metals will help you figure out the worth of your load so when you take it to a scrap yard, you can get the best price. Steel Scrap Sydney can fetch you a higher price if it is sorted and extracted properly. 

Cordless Reciprocating Saw 

When you are scrapping, sometimes you need to dismantle appliances and cut large loads down to manageable sizes. Not doing so can affect the prices of metals you are going to sell. In such a case, you need a reciprocating saw; it allows you to safely and easily cut through materials. It also helps you with trimming the metal and remove imperfections and blemishes. A cordless model is crucial to allow more free onsite operations as the cable can be a great hurdle, and potentially more harmful 

Basic Household Tools 

When dealing with scrap metal in Sydney, particularly Steel Scrap, specialist equipment is not required, but basic tools in your garage are a prerequisite. You should have hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers to start with. They will come in handy when you need to separate different materials, but will not be enough; a drill might be a more useful tool at times. You will also require a crowbar, wrench, and a can of WD40. The scope of these tools varies for each task but they will definitely help you retrieve metals from different sources. While all of them are quite simple tools, make sure you keep them to hand in your tool kit as you never know when you might need them. 

Buckets, Straps, and a Hand Truck 

Whether you are working with scrap metal at home or in a workshop, one of the biggest problems with working with scrap metal is transporting it, or simply moving it to a different place. Carrying scrap metal can be a tiring task, especially if loading and unloading of bigger and heavier pieces are involved. In such a situation, a hand truck can save you a lot of effort. You require scrapping tools that will help you in hauling bulky loads of scrap metal. Adding a bucket and quality ratchet straps to securely tie down your load can help you with the scrap transit. These tools will allow you to move even some of the bulkier items comfortably from one place to another. However, if you do not have the means to transport your scrap, you can search for services that haul away your scrap metal and in Steel Scrap in Sydney

Wire Stripper 

Extracting metal involves scrapping a lot of cables and wires which is why wire strippers are one of the best tools for recycling metal. While you can always use razors and pliers for stripping wires, the process will be time-consuming and inefficient in the long run. Most of the wiring has plastic tubing on the outside so you will be required to strip and clean up flat and round copper wires from the plastic insulation. Moreover, before you bring insulated copper wires or cables to the scrap yard, stripping them can help you receive a higher price for it. 

However, wire strippers are recommended for small-sized wires; however, if you intend to involve large quantities of wires, or a thicker cable, then using automatic stripping machines is advised. Another similar addition to your toolbox is a wire cutter, but it definitely depends on what you want to scrap. 

Metal File 

Often, metals are coated to protect them from electrical shocks and elements. Chrome, plastic, and non-ferrous metals, such as copper, are widely used as a plating to protect the metal underneath. With a metal file, you can grind away the protective layer. Not only does this allow you to check the type of the metal beneath the coating, but can also help you with the cleaning of the metal so you can get rid of unwanted materials. Hence, a metal file is a must-have tool for scrappers that help them to identify the worth of your scrap metal and in Steel Scrap in Sydney scrap yards. 


Extracting metals from your household items will not be an issue with right sorting and preparing tools. However, scrapping metals can be a dangerous task so using safety equipment is the most essential part. Make sure you test different solutions and methods to find ways that save you time and help you scrap metal more efficiently.  

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