Recycling scrap metal is an easy and, at times, fun way to earn extra money. If you’re planning to start scrapping metals, you’ll need to get in touch with a good metal recycling company. While most people think that being offered high prices are a good way to judge, there’s more to a metal recycling company than just that. 

There’s no denying the fact that money is one of the most important factors in choosing a metal recycling company, but here are some other things you should keep in your mind while choosing a scrap metal recycling company. 

Good Reputation: 

For any business to run smoothly and successfully, a trusted reputation is a must-have. Metal recycling companies are no different. A top metal recycling company always values its honesty and integrity. When choosing a metal recycling company, be sure to check on that company’s reputation in the recycling business. You can also get references from other recyclers and scrappers that work with scrap metal in Smithfield

It’s always safe to go with an old and experienced company rather than a new one. Illegitimate companies don’t sustain for long and get shut down in a year or two. This doesn’t mean that you should straight away discard all the new companies, but it’s always better to go with those that have proven to be reliable over the years. 

Timing and Location: 

Two important factors, while choosing a metal recycling company, are its timing and location. Scrapping is a time-consuming business and you don’t want to travel long distances after the long hassle of collecting scrap metals. A lot of scrap metal recyclers offer services for lifting scrap metal from around your location. You can get them to visit your location to save a lot of time and fuel. 

Look for a scrap metal recycling company in Smithfield that has flexible timings that suit your schedule. Also, be sure to check the timings before you visit a metal recycler if you don’t want to tire yourself by having to stand before an office building with a ‘closed’ sign hanging there. 

Working Environment: 

If it’s feasible, visit the scrap metal recycling company to get an idea of how they perform their operations. If they have high-tech technology and equipment and modern operating protocols, they might be a good choice to do business with. 

You should also look for proper implementation of standard safety protocol for the workers and adequate training for the equipment operators. If a company ensures all these practices in the workplace, you know they are professionals and are the best people to work with. 

With all that said you can also work with old local scrap yards in Smithfield that might not have up-to-date facilities but offer better rates and easy processing overall. They might not be the best, but they sure are reliable. 

Customer Services: 

A good business always prioritizes its customers above all. They will do their best to provide their customers with the best facilities. Scrapping can be a dangerous job and a good scrap metal recycling company should arrange for their workers’ and customers’’ safety in the best way possible. 

Recently, many scrap metal companies have started providing services like pickup, lifting scrap, and rental dumpsters. Look for companies that provide these facilities to make your scrapping experience a whole lot easier. 

The company should have a clean and organized facility. The staff should be competent and trained to deal with the customers’ needs efficiently. They should also provide unloading services in case you bring in the scrap metal yourself. 

Pricing Policy: 

While your only focus shouldn’t be on the rates while choosing a scrap metal company, but it is the reason you’re selling scrap metal in the first place. When selling scrap metal in Smithfield, you should always keep a check on the prices and be updated about the varying prices of different metals. Visit multiple metal recyclers to get a quote for your scrap metal and go with the one that pays that best and also fits all the criteria discussed above. 

Special Perks: 

A good company doesn’t necessarily have to offer special perks to their customers, but many of them have special offers going on at the end of the month to increase sales. Scrapping is a tough job, and while you’re at it, you might as well grab some special offers.  


Scrap metal recycling is a great way to earn easy cash. But it can become a difficult experience if you are not working with the right metal recycler. People often tend to hurry into things and as a result, get stuck with the wrong kind of recyclers. 

If you want to work in this industry for long, you have to be at your best mentally and physically, and for that, you need a good metal recycler that values the time and effort of the scrappers who bring them valuable scrap metals. 

Follow these steps when looking for a scrap metal company in Smithfield and I’m sure you’ll end up doing well in this business. 

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